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Delayed Ejaculation Treatment At Home In Private

Delayed (or “retarded”) ejaculation is much more common than you might expect, but as far as I know, the treatment program on this website is the only one available online for use at home. It’s powerful, and it works.

So who am I? I’m a sex therapist with a lot of experience of male sexual dysfunction, by the name of Rod Phillips. I trained for four years at the Manchester Institute For Psychotherapy and I’ve since worked with groups of men in the UK and America on sexual issues.

If anyone can help you ejaculate normally, I can. So what’s it all about?

My treatment program comes in the form of an eBook.

I start by explaining why men develop ejaculation problems. It’s important to rule out any possible physical causes, such as drugs (prescription or otherwise), low testosterone levels, and harsh masturbation techniques which have desensitized your penis to sexual stimulation.

When you read my eBook, you’ll know pretty much straight away what’s causing your ejaculation problems. Oftentimes, the cause is emotional or has something to do with your relationship. The interesting thing is that even if the cause is emotional – let’s say, for example, shame or guilt about sex – it’s not necessary to delve deep into your mind with therapy to cure the problem. That’s what makes curing delayed ejaculation (DE for short) far easier than you might expect.

Some typical things which cause delayed or retarded ejaculation are: (1) not being particularly aroused during sex, but still having a hard erection; (2) feeling resentful because there are too many expectations being put on you during sex, such as having to satisfy the woman or do all the work; (3) simply preferring sex with yourself to sex with a partner.

To what extent are your partner's expectations causing you to resent sex?
To what extent are your partner’s expectations causing you to resent sex?


I also cover many more possible causes of DE, but as I said before, the emphasis is on finding ways to ejaculate easily and naturally rather than delving deep into the causes. If you can’t ejaculate and you’d like to find out more about the cure right now, just click here.

When I move on to treatment (rather than causes), the first thing you’ll find is an explanation of how delayed ejaculation is now treated with a more sensitive approach of getting in tune with your body and learning how to get much more aroused before and during sex. That way, you get to your natural point of ejaculation much more comfortably.

There are plenty of strategies and techniques for overcoming ejaculation problems in this 50 page eBook. For example, I describe many ways to reduce the pressure you feel to achieve climax or to make your partner have an orgasm.

You’ll find out why it’s important to be physically aroused in your body, rather than just relying on sexual fantasy to get erect, and you’ll discover how to “stay in the moment” during sex – and why this is important! And more importantly, you’ll quickly go from being completely unable to ejaculate during intercourse to enjoying sex with a partner to whom you feel close. That will improve your self-esteem enormously.

While a few of the 50 fluff-free pages in this eBook are about the causes of delayed ejaculation – including penile insensitivity and how you might deal with it – the rest of the eBook is about the treatment.

I set out a detailed program of things you need to do, week by week, making it easy for everyone, no matter what the cause of the problem, to cure DE.

And just as the icing on the cake, I’ve included pages and pages of information on sexual anatomy, sex positions, how to achieve simultaneous orgasm, as well as hundreds of sex tips, tricks and techniques to improve your sex life – so you can make up for lost time, I suppose!

Will it work for you? Yes. This is the best information on delayed ejaculation on the internet. 

All the best, Rod Phillips


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