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Welcome to this website. I’m glad you found it, and I hope, by the time you’ve read this page, you will be too. Because by then, you’ll have found the route to easy, relaxed sex with normal ejaculation.

You see, I’ve spent many years helping men with sexual problems of one kind or another, from abnormalities in the structure of the penis (hypospadias), through erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, all the way to delayed ejaculation.

So let’s start at the very beginning.

There’s a widespread view on the Internet that delayed ejaculation isn’t that common.

But I can tell you the real truth: it’s very common.

About 10% of men have a problem ejaculating, ranging from just taking a longer time than average, all the way through to difficulty ejaculating at all, under any circumstances.

And while most men can reach climax during masturbation, there are plenty who can’t come during intercourse, no matter how hard they try, and an even larger number who take a very long time to get to the point of orgasm.

couple with delayed ejaculation
Delayed ejaculation can certainly impact your relationship – but not in a good way!

Delayed ejaculation can certainly impact your relationship – but not in a good way!

So how long is your ejaculation delay?

The average time between penetration and ejaculation is somewhere between 3 and 7 minutes.

How does this compare to yours?

If you do any research on delayed ejaculation, or DE for short, you’ll find a lot of websites offering superficial information and quick tips like “spend more time on foreplay” – things that you and I know don’t help at all.

And what these websites usually don’t mention at all are the problems which go with this condition: for both men and women, that is:

Physical soreness, emotional irritation, frustration. Lack of sex drive, or low motivation to have sex. Resentment, blame and frustration with or from your partner. The lack of communication and intimacy that it produces, and the frustration and lowered sense of self-esteem that you might be experiencing. Shame, guilt, anger, feeling less of  a man, a lack of sexual confidence…. the list goes on.

And some men feel resentment and hostility towards their partner, or, deep down, feel they don’t actually want to be around her, and certainly not sexually intimate with her.

No matter how it affects you, though, it seems impossible to understand why you’re not able to bring sex to a successful conclusion.

I doubt that is something you ever talk about with your male friends, and possibly not with your partner. And why would you?

Talking about sexual problems can be hard
Talking about sexual problems can be hard.

Being in a relationship where you have sexual problems can be hard. Very hard, both emotionally and physically. You may not understand the causes of delayed ejaculation, and most likely you don’t know what to do about it. 

Worst of all, if you or your partner wants a child then delayed ejaculation can be one of the toughest things to deal with.

Delayed ejaculation solutions are at hand, whatever you may have read elsewhere!
Delayed ejaculation solutions are available, whatever you may have read elsewhere!

What makes this worse is that this problem is portrayed as difficult to cure. You can see statements like that all over the Internet, and frankly, I’m sick of them.

The idea that delayed ejaculation is hard to cure comes from people who have never actually found a way to deal with it.

Delayed ejaculation solutions are at hand, no matter what you may have read elsewhere!

Problems and Solutions

The reality is that every case of delayed ejaculation has a cause and a solution, including yours.

So let’s start with the simplest possibility: that somehow, for some reason, your penis is insensitive.

And you know what? There may well be some truth in the idea that you need a really high level of stimulation to reach orgasm and ejaculate.

Quite often, when a man finds it hard to reach orgasm, it’s because he has “conditioned” himself to respond to high levels of stimulation by using hard and fast masturbation techniques.

How hard you masturbat emay have a lot to do with delayed ejaculation
How hard you masturbate may have a lot to do with delayed ejaculation

That’s why a lot of men can come from the stimulation of their own hand, but they can’t come during intercourse or oral sex: it’s simply because the stimulation they receive during intercourse or oral pleasure just isn’t enough to match the stimulation they get during masturbation by their own hand.

That’s a simple fact, but it’s been misinterpreted and analyzed in a way that can be confusing. 

Some therapists think this means a man prefers the stimulation of his own hand to the stimulation of anything else (a vagina, for example). This is sometimes called “autosexuality”.

Do you believe that? Is it true for you? In my opinion it’s almost never true. Most men want to ejaculate during intercourse, they want to enjoy sex more, they want to find it more appealing, and they certainly want to have a normal sexual experience.

And sure, sometimes a man would prefer to be sexual with another partner, even though he doesn’t want to end his current relationship or seek sex elsewhere. He may only have ejaculatory difficulties with his relationship partner.

It’s just possible, I suppose, that in some cases a man really doesn’t want to have sex with a woman because he genuinely would prefer to keep his sexual pleasure to himself.

But I’m not buying into that as an explanation for the majority of delayed ejaculation.

It’s true that if you used harsh masturbation as a teenager or adult, then it may also be true that you conditioned yourself to need high stimulation to reach orgasm.

But this isn’t about your penis. Your penis is just as sensitive as it ever was.

This is an internal thing – it’s about how much stimulation your mind, your body, and your ejaculatory reflex need before they trigger your orgasm and ejaculation.

The Essential Steps In Dealing With Delayed Ejaculation

So there are two ways of dealing with this: the first is to increase the level of stimulation you get during sexual activity.

And there are plenty of ways of doing that. Some of them are very simple: using sex toys, fantasy, role play, sexy clothing, extended foreplay, sexual massage, nipple stimulation, anal stimulation – all these are classic examples.

Maybe you, like most men, think your nipples are insensitive, but a little pleasuring during sex will soon “activate” them and feed a whole new level of stimulation into your increasing arousal.

In my treatment program I show you plenty more ways of using neat little tricks like this in other parts of your body. All designed to make you hornier, more aroused, more likely to “pop your cork” more easily.

The second way is to lower the level of stimulation you need before you ejaculate.

That comes down to increasing your sensitivity to sexual stimulation – and I don’t just mean in your penis. I mean in your whole body, and your mind too, for that matter.

So if you’re a heavy porn user, for example, you may find you don’t get enough stimulation during real-life sex to match the level you get with porn. End result – porn becomes the “only” way you can get off. Not good. So you may have to make a few choices here… but I know you can do it. And I’ll show you how.

Stopping porn use may make it easier to deal with delays in ejaculation.
Stopping porn use may make it easier to deal with delays in ejaculation.

That might involve getting away from porn as a sexual stimulus, it might mean getting away from heavy duty fantasy as a sexual stimulus. Or maybe not. But it certainly means finding a way to get more aroused when you’re with your partner. My self-help program will help you with all this.

It might mean re-sensitizing your body to touch.

It might mean communicating more openly with your partner.

It might mean longer and MORE EXCITING foreplay – the kind of foreplay you can enjoy, the kind which turns YOU on.

It might mean changing the way you have sex.

It might mean…. well, there are many possibilities.

Again, in my treatment program, I explain all of these things in detail, so that you can choose the what you need to do and the way you want to go so you can get over this pernicious problem once and for all.

Working With Your Partner
Makes This Easier

So, you might have gathered by now that one part of this is talking to your partner. And I know this can be difficult, particularly for men. Men and women are different. Huh. Big surprise, eh?

Talking to your partner about sexual problems

Talking to your partner about delayed ejaculation could be the best thing you ever do….

But let’s not discount this, it’s important. Women want communication. It makes them feel safe, and it helps them to understand the relationship they’re in.

For women, communication builds intimacy and connection. And that involves talking about, whisper it, your feelings.

Hey Ho. As if we didn’t know, most men find this very difficult, irrelevant, frustrating, or simply downright boring.

Men are designed to take action in the world. And while we men do have feelings, which can be just as intense as a woman’s feelings, generally speaking those feelings take second place to action and logic and reasoning and thinking.

So there is a compromise to be made in communicating with your partner as you get over delayed ejaculation. You don’t have to talk deeply or profoundly, or communicate all your emotions and feelings to your partner. But you do have to work with her to some degree. Now, don’t panic!

I have plenty of experience of showing men how they can communicate in a way that fully satisfies their partner’s needs, and still allows them to keep their internal world safe and secure, and even private. All of that is outlined in the treatment program.

And to be honest, you might find that if you try a little bit of touching and massage, you eliminate the need for difficult emotional communication. I explain why in my program!

Intention Is Everything

And no surprise here: your intention and your motivation are the keys to putting your body back to normal – that is to say, giving you choice over when you ejaculate. 

(The average time between penetration and ejaculation in the Western world seems to be between three and seven minutes. But your objective is to develop “relaxed control” so you can choose when to ejaculate.) 

So let me ask you some straightforward questions at this point:

Do you really want to overcome your delayed ejaculation? 

How much do you want to ejaculate normally during intercourse? How much do you want to be able to come inside a woman easily, and with complete control over the timing?

And how much does it matter to you to be able to get your own pleasure during intercourse, as opposed to simply giving her pleasure?

This Is All About You AND Her!

Often, men with delayed ejaculation seem to be more focused on giving their partners pleasure than on taking pleasure themselves, yet, ideally, sex is a partnership of equals. 

Again, getting to that point is one of the aims of my treatment program. You could call this the “readjusting your thinking” section!

It’s about making sure

  • you know you can have YOUR pleasure during sex
  • you understand HOW to TAKE YOUR pleasure during sex
  • and ensuring YOU put YOURSELF first during intercourse – or at least first equal with your partner.

Now, when you stop delayed ejaculation, and you’re able to enjoy “normal” sex, something else is going to happen. Provided, that is, you use all the relevant suggestions in my treatment program.

There’s going to be some change in your relationship.

Because after all, you’re in a “status quo” at the moment: sex may be happening, or it may not, or not very often, but most likely neither of you is getting much satisfaction.

(Although I have sometimes heard of relationships where the woman appreciates the man’s long-time-to-ejaculation because she achieves many orgasms. Not a very common situation, I think.)

One possibility is that your relationship will improve dramatically when you can have “normal” sex, and you’ll experience a great deal of joy and happiness and much more intimacy and connection.

It’s also possible that’s quite a frightening prospect for you, in which case you might need to adjust your thinking once again. (Don’t worry, I’m here to help!)

How important is it to you to feel close to a woman? How safe do you feel when you are sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings with a woman? How much do you actually trust a woman at a very deep level?

My treatment program will give you the tools and techniques to deal with all of these issues safely and easily.

And, when all’s said and done, it’s possible to get over delayed ejaculation without ever delving into the emotional issues. That’s done by retraining your body to respond to sexual stimulation more rapidly.

So one way or another, the treatment approaches I’ve mapped out in my self-help program will get you over this difficulty.

Delayed ejaculation is a couple's problem
This is not just about you – it’s about the two of you!

The question is: are you going to make the leap? Are you going to take this step? Are you going to buy into a self-help treatment program which could end all your difficulties?

After all, you did a search that led you to this point, and now you have the answer within your grasp. The solution you’ve been looking for. Believe me, it works.

Feedback from men and their partners suggest that it works for about 96% of the men who try it. I’ve been doing this work 12 years, and I have a pretty good feel for what happens when people buy the program.

(By the way, the refund rate of people who buy into this program is very low indeed: 2%. The average refund rate for Internet programs is between 5% and 15%. That tells you something.)

So the question is: how much does it cost? What do you get for your money?

Some Things Are Priceless

Here’s my answer to those questions, directly, straightforward, without flimflam. It costs $49.95 (US dollars). That includes information about the causes of delayed ejaculation, the effect it can have on the man and his partner in the relationship, and many different treatment approaches with guidelines on which ones you will need to follow to get over your particular form of delayed ejaculation.

It also includes unlimited e-mail support from me for the length of your membership, which is 12 months. That fee of $49.95 is a one-off fee, and you are never charged again.

Your membership lasts for a year, although I would expect most people who apply the program with dedication, motivation, and clear intention to recover completely normal ejaculatory function within three months at the most.

So how much time do you have to spend doing this? I generally suggest investing half an hour, two or three times a week, on the exercises in the program. This seems to be enough for most couples.

A lot of guys have asked me if they can use this program if they’re single. Well, the answer is “yes you can, up to a point.”

You can get information on what causes DE, the mindset that might be supporting delayed ejaculation, and in particular you can get great information on fantasy and porn and other factors that play into delayed ejaculation in a fairly major way.

But the final exercises in the program depend on you having a partner. That doesn’t have to be a long-term relationship partner, or even the partner with whom you want to have regular sex: it just has to be a partner who you trust enough and desire enough to be sexual with them.

Some men have even done the exercises with Tantric therapists, who seem to know a lot more about male sexual arousal than most women.

So there are plenty of opportunities and openings and possibilities here. I’m right with you on this journey, I want you to succeed. And, if you want to email me any time, I’m on (that’s the domain on which I host my treatment program).

The only questions you now have to ask yourself are these:

How would you like to

  • Have the ability to ejaculate normally during intercourse with any woman?
  • Have complete control over the timing of your ejaculation?
  • Never again need to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to come?
  • Be completely relaxed about sex, so that it becomes a totally enjoyable experience?
  • Feel the pressure, frustration and anxiety around sex disappear?
  • Become a confident, sexually potent man with high sexual self-esteem?
  • Have the sense of deep masculinity that comes from being a sexual master?
  • Take the step that will give you all of this? Guaranteed, or your money back.

Ready to make the step? One small step for you, one giant leap for your sexual success and pleasure.

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